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I'm Esperanza. If you fallow, I'l fallow back..I blog beautiful things and shit that makes me laugh. I live in the Santa Clara Indian reservation in New Mexico, but I descend from many cultures.:)
I'm an artist and write poetry on occasion. I hope you like my blog!

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Could do with sitting on someone’s face right now.

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One time in sixth grade I was being bullied really badly, and this whole circle of people gathered around me and the girl that was bullying me, and she smirked and went ‘You dumb rich bitch.’ And everyone was like OOOOOOH and I stood there for a second before pulling 20 dollars out of my wallet, placed it in her hand, and said “Buy some better insults.” And I swear the entire lunchroom rioted.

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After hiking for twelve hours out of a nineteen hour trek, it was time to watch the sunrise at Dinosaur Ridge. When we first looked out, the mountains were completely covered by clouds, but within an hour the clouds dropped and this was what we saw. It felt like heaven, and you could hear everyone present for this moment screaming and shouting for joy! I’d never seen something so incredible, I had to meditate and have gratitude to have experienced this. Some locals said that they’d never seen the mountains like this, even in their 40+ years of hiking there. (© Ka Ram Shim/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

ya nası ya ciddi mi bu hoffffffffff

İnsanlar neler yapıyor, nerelere gidiyor. 

This is stunning



Women have been denied the right to vote, treated like property, sold to their spouses, raped every time it was war, misrepresented by entitled white male politicians, endangered every time they walked somewhere alone at night, denied the right to drive or be anywhere without a man, shamed for showing their faces, shamed for choosing not to show their faces for millennia, and still you think your biggest problem is that someone buys a mug that says “male tears”?

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I just want someone to love me right and that will never hurt me


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"You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. It’s actions, not words, that matter."


Nicholas Sparks

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awww I love getting cute goodnight texts from no one

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when you can’t draw anything but eyes





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Crows are scaryThey
use tools
Can be taught to speak (like parrots)
Have huge brains for birds
like seriously their brain-to-body size ratio is equal to that of a chimpanzee
They vocalize anger, sadness, or happiness in response to things
they are scary smart at solving puzzles
some ravens stay with their mates until one of them dies
they can remember faces
SIDENOTE HERE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT.  They did an experiment where these guys wore masks and some of them fucked with crows.  Pretty soon the crows recognized the masks = douchebag.  But the nice guys with masks they left alone.  THEN, OH WE’RE NOT DONE, NO SIR crows that WEREN’T EVEN IN THE EXPERIMENT AND NEVER SAW THE MASK BEFORE knew about mask-dudes and attacked them on sight.  THEY PASSED ON THE FUCKING INFORMATION TO THEIR CROW BUDDIES.
They remember places where crows were killed by farmers and change their migration patterns.
Guys I’m really scared of crows now.(q) 

i love crows so much

crows are amazing

My favorite legend is that crows are the souls of the dead

crows are the coolest shit

Yeah but have you seen this 

One time, during a particularly boring class, I watched a crow move a sweater (something too heavy for it) little by little out of the garbage can to get some chicken nuggets. 
Another time, a crow literally started playing with my dog in the backyard. It was the funniest thing. 

My dad had a pet crow when he was a teenager.  He didn’t teach it to speak, it learned to speak.  And promptly began to mock one of his sisters constantly.  And swear.
It learned his route to school and followed him a few times, as well.
Crows are rad as hell.

*I watched the documentary with the masks. They weren’t trying to test if information could be past to other crows, they were testing to see if information could be past from parent to child. The next generation crows that hadn’t even hatched yet were the ones who learned from the originals that mask=douchebags (douchebags with guns actually. the guys with masks shot at the trees to scare the birds)

Intelligence is nothing to fear. Crows are just like us :)





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